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Conrad Restoration Inc.

A locally owned and operated business that repairs and reproduces farm equipment.

Conrad Restoration Inc.

At Conrad Restoration Inc., we primarily work on farm equipment, such as tractors, combines, skid steer loaders, balers, etc. Along with reproducing parts for John Deere 300 huskers (corn pickers), IH 234 corn pickers, Farmhand mixer mills, John Deere chopper boxes, and we are looking into producing a new larger throttle lever for John Deere 7000/7010 series tractors.

All parts are produced per John Deere, Case IH, or Farmhand to factory specifications. Some parts are even improved based off of in-field testing.

The reason we started making parts was because John Deere, Case IH, Farmhand, and a lot of other farm equipment manufacturers are no longer producing parts for the farm equipment we operate on our farm. This opportunity has given us a chance to produce parts that are improved due to the testing on our family farm. The parts we produce and have for sale are parts we use on our farm equipment. This gives us the time and the opportunity to thoroughly test parts before a customer purchases a part and uses the part in their piece of farm equipment.

I’ve been in business for three years and proudly serve local farmers. 

All products made in the USA.

Contact me! 815-541-7630 / conrada4455@gmail.com

John Deere 300 Husker

Watch a John Deere 300 Husker in action!