Customer Testimonies

I worked on restoring a John Deere 953 running gear flat rake. 

Once it was finished, I sold it to Bill Wear of Apple Canyon Lake, Illinois. Thanks again, Bill!

 I bought a 300 corn husker from Andrew. It was the best decision I’ve made. He went through the picker with a fine tooth comb and replaced the worn parts with new. I was able to harvest 38 loads of Cob corn in one days time! The 300 corn husker has never let me down !

Andrew has been a great gentleman to work with! Day or night he will answer the phone if you have any questions. I highly recommend Andrew for any mechanical work you may need!

-Customer, Brady B

I delivered my John Deere 300 husker with John Deere 243 Cornhead to Eden, Wisconsin in October 2023.

This one-owner husker was sold to Keith “Butch” Immel. 

I purchased and rebuilt this in the fall. Then it was off to Keith soon after!


This is Jeff Hansen from Dallas Center, Iowa. 

I worked on his John Deere 300 Husker. We switched the cornhead over to hex shaft drive gearboxes, and added Calmer deck plates and slow down chain kit.

In December 2022, I replaced the rubber husking rolls and replaced several other parts on the husker.

Both days were big project days filled with challenges. With some team work, we were able to complete both jobs.

Hopefully the work we performed to Jeff’s John Deere 300 husker will help him and his family have a safe and productive harvest.

“It was a pleasure working with you…Picked 3 wagons yesterday before the rain. A remarkable difference in quantity of trash and husk removal. Thank you for the rolls and your help with the installation.

-Customer, Dan K

This is Brady Broedlow from Helenville, Wisconsin.

Brady and his family purchased a restored John Deere 300 Husker with a John Deere 243 cornhead in August 2022.

Brady said he has been looking for a picker for over a year now and he said my 300 husker was one of the best mechanical and looks wise!

Brady and his family pick ear corn and feed ear corn to their feed lot cattle, which, in turn, they raise meat for sale. They sell their meat to the local community.

Glad to visit with you all!

This is a John Deere 4440 restoration job I did late summer 2022. I’m proud of the work and how this all came together!


This is Nick Pillar from Mendota, Illinois. I met up with him in June 2022.

Nick is a salesmen at the John Deere dealership in Mendota, Prairie State Tractor. Nick farms with his family and picks ear corn for his calves.

I rebuilt the husking bed and several other components on Nick’s JD 300 Husker. We installed rebuilt rubber husking rolls, stalk ejector shaft, new control box, new wiring harness, and swapped wagon elevators along with performing other repairs.

Thank you for your business, Nick!



This is Brian Hanke from Chilton, Wisconsin.

He purchased a Kuhn Rake from me this spring. Brian also does machine shop work for Conrad Restorations.

Always a pleasure doing business with you, Brian!


“…The 300 doing a better job picking and I’m going a gear faster…Thanks again. Love this picker.”

-Customer, Doug D.



This is David Loutzenhiser from Blockton, Iowa.

He purchased a John Deere 300 with 243 cornhead from me in the fall of 2021.

Thank you for your business, David!



This is Jon Swenson from Sandwich, Illinois.

I was able to install rebuilt husking rolls in his John Deere 300 Husker in the fall of 2021.

It was great working with you, Jon!



This is Greg Kruger from Scales Mound, Illinois.

This past fall, I installed new gather chains on his John Deere 237 mounted corn picker.

Appreciate your support, Greg!



This is Gale Noble from Albion, Nebraska.

He purchased a John Deere 300 with a John Deere 244 cornhead in the fall of 2019.

So glad my Dad and I got to meet you!




This is the Esser family from Esser Famiy Farms in Highland, Wisconsin.

They purchased a restored 1973 John Deere 4230 from me in April 2022.

It was great working with you all!